WordPress hosts us, and I haven’t broken any rules. We are a speculation website. What anons say may not be accurate. It’s up to the reader to decide.


Everything is in My opinion, and I’m a straight shooter; some woke people may find me offensive. We are here to talk like adults and come to some common grounds.


I’m proud to be an American Patriot who cries when they play the national anthem, who puts her hand over her heart when stating the pledge of allegiance.


Our site does a lot of reblogging from open websites; this is called the fair use act.


I encourage all people who visit my site the right to use their freedom of expression even if I disagree with them. Telling me to go suck your nasty fart is insulting, but I would fight for your right to say it.  May I say I think you’re a disgusting individual from Texas, that’s right when you leave a comment it shows your IP address.


I support our black community; I don’t support the organization BLM. They are never going to do a thing for your community. They are giving the democrats your money! WAKE UP!


To the person or persons censoring my website, you are violating the law.  You are violating my first amendment rights.  Bill Barr will be coming for you!