It’s getting harder and harder for the media to cover for Biden any longer. Democrats know he’s not all there. Every time he is out of the basement, he shows clear signs of mental deterioration. Reportedly, the Dem. Party has to make a decision on who will be on the debate stage. Biden cannot debate anyone.

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Joe Biden is an idiot!  Dude, he is so racist and full of shit, he called black kids roaches!  Nobody can tell me differently; he had black kids all around him going off on his Cornpop rant and his blonde hair legs.


Are they going to pull Hillary out of a hat?  She is notoriously horrible on the campaign trail, and this way, she can be the savior of the democrat party the delusional hag that she is.  I really can’t see anybody else running; they are all weak in the head. I used to be a democrat, and there is nobody left in the center.  That is what we all want, and Trump is the man to do it.


You and I can get our popcorn and laugh at the senile old kook. The debate is going to be a comedy hour if we actully get one.  It’s August, who is going to be his running mate?  If he, by chance, picks Abrahams, I’m going to piss my self laughing.  We can listen to her rant because she lost the election in Georgia after getting Oprah to go door to door like the carpet bagger she is.


Thank you anon!