Thank you . Everything you say in your comment is spot on , especially this :

“Especially galling is the whole Frogmore debacle. The 30 year payback seems like such a disrespectful, in your face peasants, move” .

Exactly how we are regarded . I had a conversation with someone who was closely related to the RF , she described myself and my husband as” jolly good sorts ” we always laughed that she left out “for peasants ” at the end of the sentence!

The whole Markle , Harry disaster is outrageous . It illustrates perfectly how the RF believe they can take advantage of the British people’s goodwill towards them . However , there is definitely a sense in the general public that this is not acceptable . People are waking up and are showing dissatisfaction with everything the elite stand for .

it’s only the Cambridges for me and that’s a big maybe . . The Queen is one of my least favourite Royals along with Charles and Camilla .
The big push is to now promote Kate and William , Charles and Camilla will then cash in on that squeaky clean family image the Cambridges project and use that to continue to reinvent themselves as the ideal King and Queen . I can’t imagine Charles will accept Princess Consort for his wife .
Andrew and his involvement with Epstein is the next big hurdle to overcome , and they will overcome it .
The “Windsors ” have been reinventing themselves for centuries . I’ll be shocked and surprised if anything comes of Andrews involvement.
Charles and his dubious association with Jimmy Savile and the Bishop Peter Ball was whitewashed and all forgotten apparently.

If you read this scroll right down to the small piece on what the Queen said to Ball .
Quite the eye opener .

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