‘The paper has highlighted that in the last five years, globally, cases of polio caused by vaccine viruses have outnumbered those of polio caused by wild polioviruses.”

Africa, (the Congo, Nigeria ) India are perfect for what is a social engineering experiment using vaccines. Huge populations, social, financial, and other forms of deprivation and poverty mean these people are vulnerable to their own governments and pharmaceutical companies.
We are next. The COVID vaccine is a nightmare.


Kitty, you are on a roll today!  I love it!


What kills me is that we all know that black and brown lives don’t matter to these people. This is what they should be protesting, along with human slavery and sex trafficking. We are just meat that’s a burden for these shitheads.


I’m afraid of the vaccine that might be coming out. This could backfire badly on Trump. Pray this doesn’t happen. I’m serious about this. I want to see one of these people take it first.


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