Here’s the latest Deanne. I’ve got something for a bigger article that may explain this. It isn’t good. We’ll be next in GB they’re pushing very hard for the mythical second wave, it’s making me so angry I can’t watch or listen to the constant propaganda… Russia has there own vaccine coming out very soon. It’s a competition Who gets the vaccine out the fastest. We are just collateral damage.

George Carlin.

It’s always the generic “brown people ” who are experimented on. We should all:” brown” and white be united in our fight against what is the tyranny of a few who would seek to cull or eliminate us. Any kind of dissention between these groups is being cynically and deliberately engineered. We are all the same, when you see people as I have in my job there is nothing to divide us, under the skin, we are identical. We need to start thinking critically and look outside our “boxes ”.

I pray people wake up and soon. It’s all there in plain sight, in the public domain, all we have to do is just connect the dots.

Thanks, Deanne, you know I love being here ❤


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