Clinicians, Researchers, & Health Experts from Around the World Interrogating the Mainstream Narrative Around the Pandemic
We believe this crisis represents a world-changing opportunity to expose and transform antiquated ideologies that restrict health freedom. Germ theory is a scientifically bankrupt paradigm based in warfare models of pathogenic invasion. This theory has been leveraged as an instrument for geopolitical and social control – largely in the form of a vaccination agenda – to subdue the populace through coerced and forced bodily penetration and associated disability, mortality, and surveillance. As a result, conventional Western medicine functions as a sort of religion based on consensus assumptions and dogmatic medical monotheistic posturing. At its core, this approach is not salugenic or scientific and thus violates its stated ethical parameters around informed consent, beneficence, and an uncompromised evidence base.

We believe that citizens should be free to exercise their natural right to practice medicine as they see fit – in retention both of bodily sovereignty and civil liberties. To that end, we orient ourselves around the foundational premises that the body is inherently wise, that symptoms are meaningful, and that radical healing is eminently possible when we align with the earth and honor our place in the natural world.

This is an excellent website Deanne with possibly all the information required about the so called” Pandemic ” that has, in effect, closed the world down and caused immeasurable damage to our economies and how we live our everyday lives . The “lockdowns “which are nothing more than a form of house arrest are affecting us psychologically, making us fearful and compliant .

We must now question everything we are told , speak out against what are incursions into our civil liberties and understand this will not just go away.
We must speak to and question our government representatives , remembering they are nothing more than public servants . Everything they do must only be for our good , not for their own or anothers agenda .
We must excercise our powers of veto and sovereignty. Nothing is written in stone , we have the ability to change the outcome of this “Plandemic” , we must now find the will to do so .
Kitty ❤❤❤


I was nodding my head yes to everything you wrote. We need to raise those voices now because these people have power over us and they can’t be allowed to get used to this.


You have to look at this way, they didn’t need an army and not a single shot was fired when they took away your liberty. Watch the ISE video we have posted in front of our home page. I promise you that you will say OMG, and it’s the offenders themselves that’s why this makes this so maddening. The website provided should answer a lot of questions you may have.


Thank you so much, Kitty!