This is a new video posted about Meghan’s age and timeline.
Do we have any real actual proof of how old she is? Was she with Andrew before Harry?

There are so many photos that look strange that it would not surprise me in the least that this is all false and pre-planned to support a narrative or agenda. Even their supposed Montecito videos look strange. Why do they not have darkened skies or anything with all the fires, for example?

Someone did some digging on their pap walks and found that the ones of the pair with her in the dark shirt and awful pants were taken just minutes from the pap walk to deliver food the first go around. Are they still in a cheap Burbank hotel or something ?

I really hope this charade ends soon and the truth about this farce comes out soon as well.
Are they a distraction for something? Was she a plant?
She is almost like Rasputin with Tsarina Alexandra it seems.


Thank you for sending the video in, I did have a discussion with the Vlogger about this. This is not proof of her age, IMO. I’ve been on this since day one. I’m not a fan of Markle but we are looking for truth.  I will direct you to Lindsey Jill Roth who is MM’s best friend she met at Northwestern University in 1999. Meghan is listed as graduated on the commencement program that we found two years ago in archives.


There have been rumors that she was with Andrew but you have to admit that’s she too old for Andrew, so there isn’t any proof at all. The only proof we have is Sara Ferguson claiming that Ken Sunshine is a genius and that MM is with that firm as Z lister actress.


A lot of photoshopping happened with her Thomas and MM, his ear is cut off and the grad gown color has been changed. This is nothing new but it may be to some. Newer nose, old nose, take your choice, I don’t know why she lies. You see a picture of her and Katherine McFee and she hasn’t had the nose job yet.


The vlogger is from South Africa seems to have a problem with her graduation dates. Our high school graduation happens in June and University starts in September.


International studies at the time were not a degree program you would have to transfer to another university for that. Her uncle said he pulled some strings to her into the intern program to go to Argentina.


We had the playboy interview that has since been scrubbed that she went to Madrid for fun with some guy.


MM never had runways.


The General Hospital gig is questionable in 2002 she would have been in University at the time. You don’t go to Northwestern to get a AA. All actresses lie so her people have some explaining to do on the WIKI page that doesn’t add up.

What you need to do is look at the view history and laugh, it’s a comedy of errors.


We had questioned her education which Meghan love to rub in as “She educated and he wanted her’. The plant said she did graduate and we were still questioning this. None of MM shit adds up but that’s the way she wanted it, she didn’t want to tell the truth.


There is a chance that Meghan skipped grade but I got to say Sam Markle may have outed it if were the case. The jury is still out on that one.


IMO Meghan Markle is a plant and Harry knew it but like her anyway, go figure. She was in like with him too but you know Fame and fortune is her driving task.


I know the girl who took the pictures of Montecito and she is honest. Unless someone shows me proof that they bought that house, I say it’s a lie.


There aren’t any photos of Meghan and Prince Andrew on a yacht. He would be on mega yachts and that’s a catamaran. He is always surrounded by RPO’s.  No that’s not them.