They are not “former royals” unless and until they renounce their titles. These two hustlers and scam artists have no shame. They just don’t want the public looking into where all their “charity” money is going. They still haven’t shown where Disney millions went.

They use their titles for, the corporate deals and to grab as much cash as they can….ALWAYS trading on their connection to the RF.

Yet they have no problems releasing daily, cloying, nauseating press releases about how famous, rich, successful, and fabulous they are, we all really wanted to know about their bear art. I am just surprised that it didn’t have bears playing poker.

The Harkles are Grifters, liars, and frauds. Keep up, the daily pressure…question what they do and most of all, where all the money goes?

Harry…you are an utter disgrace…you are now willing to sell out your mother and her memory for cash, to please your aging, over-used SoHo Ho. I don’t ever want to hear you crying and whining about how her death affected you again.