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He added that the tapes were “legitimate additions to the historical record,” showing a “princess finding her voice.”

Who does that sound like? 




These two are must-reads. Long but must be read to the end of the articles.



Another body found in Kensington Palace lake. Any news on this one?

Savile was extremely close to the Royal Family. He was allowed to come and go as he pleased and was even suggested as a go-between during Charles and Diana’s problematic marriage.

Kitty and I have this Love/ Disgusted relationship with the royal family. Maybe love is a little strong, but we like to provide the readers with some good juicy material, and Kitty never disappoints!


Why would anyone seal records for 100 hundred years? That’s got to be some really messed up stuff; maybe the rumors are true. Did they hunt humans on their estate? Carve up a juicy kid or two? Or you know, fondle a kid inappropriately.


I remember Diana bitching about Charles’s sex; she said it was strange.  Diana was a vessel to bear children and nothing more. How Medival of him. The life of aristocracy and Royals, do as your told, shut up and don’t complain or explain. Diana broke out of the mold, and she did indeed find her voice. She became more American every day. All that knuckle head had to do was show her a little affection.


We all know she called the paps and set things up. They labeled her as crazy. We all loved her. I know I did.


We can’t ignore the giant elephant in the room; he doesn’t fit under the carpet. These are serious allegations, and it’s a shame that justice will never be served.


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