The updated version of the article has also been deleted. An archived page can be found here.

This fake report about the arrest of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is just the latest in a long series of false rumors concerning pedophilia.

In 2020, pedophilia panic consumed portions of the internet, in large part because these false rumors were being amplified by the growing QAnon conspiracy movement. In the last few months alone, we’ve covered false rumors about furniture stores trafficking children via large cabinets, department stores promoting pedophilia by selling shirts containing images of pizza, and the country of Greece classifying pedophilia as a disability.

While pedophilia and sex trafficking are certainly real issues, the aforementioned stories are false. In fact, the National Human Trafficking Hotline released a statement saying that these pedophilia conspiracy theories were making it more difficult to help people who are actually in danger of being trafficked.


This is a bullshit claim. If anything, we are highlighting those that have been trafficked.  The more awareness we have, the more we fight for those in bondage. Snopes should be ashamed of themselves to write this article. Well, I hope the money you received helps you sleep better at night.


Yes, the Q team stumbled upon Wayfair


It is claimed that Snopes gets paid to reverse articles and opinions to make them look crazy. Don’t buy their brand of bullshit ever!