Some accused the Cambridges of shading Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle.

I can’t believe Fox is reporting on this, LOL.


However, the photo, a throwback from 2017, has divided fans with some people accusing the Cambridges of shading Markle, 39.

“Interesting photo selection! No Meghan…” one person commented. Another said, “The shade of them using this pic rather than one including his wife.”

“There must have been hundreds of photos you could have picked, but you chose to post one of Harry, William and Kate. I’m sure not including Meghan wasn’t unintentional. Not very classy…” someone speculated.

One person remarked that Prince Harry “was visibly so much happier in these times” adding, “Such a shame he’s been so manipulated into sidelining his family and friends.”

“Back when relationships were intact aka pre-Meghan era,” another said.

Others defended the choice to exclude Markle as unintentional.

The divisiveness where does that come from? Sound familiar to you? It’s exactly what’s happening in the world today. An Innocent picture gets blown out of proportion. Meghan Markle is the swamp rat that she is. We see what she did for Harry’s birthday, talked about herself.