Mr Ship told listeners: “I suppose what they’re kind of trying to do is deny any justification for any media intrusion.

“They’re not taking taxpayers’ money, they’re not working members of the Royal Family, they’ve set up their own business, they are working with Netflix and taking money from them.

“There is no justification to hover cameras over their house and try and take pictures of Archie, not that there ever was to be fair.

“A lot of the commentary around this was that this couldn’t be a clearer sign that they are done, cut ties with their lives as working members of the Royal Family.”

If you don’t want the attention to stop calling Chris Ship every day, stop putting out PR Articles around the web. Stop reading the comments. Trust us we are sick of both of you and can’t wait for the DIVORCE!


Meghan if you were tired of hearing Happy Birthday to Harry today, tough shit!  The man is allowed one day a year.  You are still delusional as you were in 2016 and IMO it’s gotten worse. So angry all the time, you’re projecting again. So sad for you, bitter salty tears.