A tragedy occurs when forces and circumstances out of your control happen to you…like illness or an accident. That is a tragedy.

Harry deliberately and defiantly made the choice to marry the wretched grifter, con artist, paid party girl, and literal family destroyer. This is not a tragedy…it was Harry’s choice to defy his family, his friends, his Brothers in Arms, and his entire country.

That is just sheer stupidity. If he looks worn, unhappy, stressed, and much older now, it is because he doesn’t have any control in his marriage. Mugly calls all the shots. And she is probably stashing much of the cash away for herself so that Harry never finds it.

Did you ever think it would be possible for Harry to sell out his mother Diana for cold Netflix cash? Harry just doesn’t care…and maybe he never did. Perhaps all the years of crying publicly about her death were just an act to garner the publics’ sympathy and allow him to continue his self-centered, arrogant, and wastrel ways.