As it was just asked about Oprah being sidelined and connections everywhere, this twitter account seems to be connecting dots. What does everyone think?

I went there and there is more goody’s for us!

I asked him what happened to Gersh?

Disney owns 21st Century Fox It’s becoming a war to see who can own the most

We know there are pedogate problems with Lionsgate.


Tyler Perry is suing Meghan and Harry for back rent.

I was cruising around his post and Murky Meg had this

Ted worked with them over several years?? What?? On What?

Harry and Megan reportedly spoke about a potential production deal with Disney (DIS), Apple (AAPL), Quibi, and NBCUniversal (CMCSA) in recent months, before signing on with Netflix.


I’m going to take this as the Sussexes aren’t going to do anything with Oprah.


Enty said their ideas were crap.


Ted worked with Harry on his disability video, I think they wanted Harry above all else. Meghan’s just there for the ride.

Prince Harry made his Netflix debut late last month as a featured voice in the documentary “Rising Phoenix,” which chronicles the origins of the Paralympic GamesDocumentaries produced by the couple may feature Markle on camera, but she does not intend to return to acting, The New York Times reported.

I got questions into Porne Michaels, if see something, say something. I’m sorry this took so long