Oh, God! That is so cringing it’s unwatchable …. almost! Its a classic move used by politicians all over the world to make themselves look more human more approachable .. not. If in doubt roll the human side out!
Here’s a present from the UK


Theresa (Meg bot ) May trying to be human and failing!

And again, when things go wrong; dance!

I think we won by a small margin for cringeworthy politicians pretending to be normal humans Deanne.
Expect more from Joe!

I almost bought it and then you came into my head, I thought wait a cotton-picking minute! You told me great frontman, soft-spoken, oops nice old grandpa moment.


The pressure is on and there is going to be a take no prisoners moments.  IMO they let the cat of the bag on purpose that this is Harris ticket. Nobody wanted her to begin with, I don’t think she received 1% of the vote in the primaries.


The DNC has flubbed this badly, they got rid of Bernie who they almost hate him as much as Trump. They made numbers appear like magic for Creepy Joe Biden in South Carolina. The next thing we knew it the rest of the candidates were falling in line. Joe didn’t even stick around in NewHampshire, he got his ass handed to him.


It’s a dirty pool and Trump got reasons to be concerned with the mail-in ballots. I will be concerned if Trump loses because he’s got like 10,000 people waiting for him wherever he goes and Joe has 5 cars.


Q says they are panicking and that’s why all the lies are being printed daily. Some of the stuff even Carl Rove wouldn’t do. This is going to be a mess and the winner is The lawyers!


I’m probably wrong but I still think Hillary is chomping at the bit for the top spot. Kamala is going to make a good puppet as she did in California.