Thank you for your comment anon. There was what’s referred to as a D order or notice placed on the Windsor murder… Interestingly there is a photograph of a very young Jimmy Savile in the area at the time the girl in question disappeared and was consequently found murdered, she had been mutilated before and after her death.

This is the D order website.

D notices are usually issued under the auspices of “national security” which , obviously can cover anything deemed to be for” national security ”
The death of Dr David Kelly the WMD whistleblower had I believe a 70 year D notice issued as did the Dunblane massacre

I chose the DM because it was the latest article on his “suicide ”
This illustrates how we as a country are probably one of the most secretive countries in the world . We are certainly(officially ) the most surveilled . We don’t have a constitution like America and our civil rights are not enshrined in law . Its a very different system which is unfortunately too connected to the institution of the Crown which is a separate institution to the RF . Or not . They have powers we are not supposed to be aware of , but they do exist and are used, some would say abused by the RF .

Diana was the brood mare ,by her own admission . Her lineage was impeccable and would have added some much needed variation to the Windsors very limited gene pool .

The question is indeed : why would the RF allow a woman of her background into their life but more importantly why allow her to behave in the way she has , and in effect reward her for said behaviours ?

I think too much time has been spent on looking at her age , her dress sense , her behaviours . Why not look at the RF themselves ? Look at the bigger picture, what could they gain or more importantly lose if they exposed her publically ? Who is she really and what and who are her connections ?

Why did she suddenly appear from nowhere , as a nobody and why did she obviously have a plan to gain entry into the institution that is the RF and then plan at the same time to exit with Harry ?

Her political connections and affiliations . Her political ambitions , its all very strange . So what does she know ? It’s more than just titillation and fluff .

That’s why I’ve posted the D order info .


Goose Bumps!  Thank you so much for writing this up with your famous links. I’ve been barking about the petty stuff for a couple of years. You absolutely have to look at the connections, you have to use the way back machine to find out. As I stated before, the palace and MM’s people have whitewashed it all and moved it to the deep web. It’s not deleted, moved to be used at a later time if they need too.


Everyone was fighting me over Prince Andrew and saying it’s all lies! It wasn’t lies but it wasn’t what Meghan has over the British Royal Family either.


As Kitty has shown you its probably some damming stuff. I’ve talked to the crowd in the London scene and Harry has loose lips when he drinks. Most Brits won’t say a thing but a thirsty actress will take advantage of it. Markus Anderson used to listen to Harry and knew the guy was an easy mark. Markus was friends with these powerful people and making shady deals is what Soho House is famous for. They take advantage of women and men and use them as pawns. What would you do to make it big?


We gave you all the pre-players who would benefit are part of the Hollywood/DNC Swamp. There are many swamps in this game. For this one, we are talking about the BREXIT Swamp, and later MM gets to the American Swamp. It’s all connected these people think they will get away with it and they might just win.


As we’ve told you before, there is the BRF and there is the Crowne. The later is who you have to watch out for. BRF is the stability of England and the Status Quo is nothing to mess around with, they make people disappear. The question should be so why is Meghan Markle still here?  Why did they allow her to infiltrate the family? That’s where everyone comes in to play and we may never know. It is finding a needle in a haystack.  We have to watch this stuff play out.