We know the little sleaze bag couldn’t do it any other way. Rumors swirl from the past that she always tries to buy her way in with your money, so thanks taxpayers of the UK. It looks like this cow will be around for a little while longer with her circus chimp Harry in tow.


Remember that’s Sept. 22 to stay away from this Woke Groupthink special on ABC.

TIME studios president Ian Orefice said the 2020 broadcast celebration will bring an alternative and ‘brand-new experience’ to the ranking.

That’s GroupThink for you and me. It’s indoctrination broadcast in hopes you drink the Kool-Aid and join the cast of  George Soros world zombies. YAY! Sounds Like Fun!


‘In a year in which we are unfortunately unable to convene the TIME100 community together in person, we are excited to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of the members of this year’s list with a brand-new experience on ABC that will allow more people to participate than ever before,’ Orefice said in a statement.


What can we expect, you might ask me, a bunch of lousy streaming with bad lighting! I can’t wait for this to fail! YAY!


I would love it if they found someone to cancel live on air, wouldn’t that be special? And maybe have a live stream of BLM and ANTIFA burning down a forest and mugging an older man. Perhaps even a live murder!  Why don’t they show reparations being made by looting?


I know, crude, rude and socially unacceptable but I’m sick and tired of the over the top PC, doesn’t anyone laugh anymore? The funniest thing is when we make fun of ourselves.


This song is dedicated to Meghan Markle we all know she giving herself a good rogering!