I think it is time to stop with this pair again. They seem to have a bunch of backdoor channels they are getting money from or funding things through. Like many other sellouts. They really are boring and have nothing really to offer. They apparently spend hours daily reading all about them on sm when they aren’t contacting everyone under the sun to try and sell themselves. Quite a sad and empty life.

Maybe there is a way to arrange things where the articles/posts about them can just be listed if anyone wishes to click there?

Exposing everything is fine, but then what? What can we do to stop or thwart the elites and sell-outs? Let’s say everyone here takes things like Kitty links and spreads the info far and wide. Some may believe and the rest will dismiss the information. Beyond this how can we fight? What is there to do?

The real fight here isn’t all of this. This is important and must be fought, but the bigger picture is, has been, and always will be the fight between good and evil; between God and Satan. God wins. We know that and we must fight rightly and for Him. What more can those who read and contribute here do?


You’re right, there isn’t a thing we can do about it! Sit back and watch them implode.  Meghan Markle is part of Swamp preaching the woke groupthink, the commie Chinese propaganda! We need to blow that narrative to kingdom come.


We need to free all the peoples from the world of that narrative. There is no joy, no happiness in being stifled with its ever-changing divisiveness. They talk about bullying they are the worst kind of bully.


Getting Donald Trump into office is the top priority.