They’re attacking each other.



It’s mass hysteria, no wonder why the president tried to remain calm. Did people do this during the swine flue, no? I blame this on the Democrat party and Anthoney Fauchi for making the US paranoid.


The woman was 87 years old with multiple cancers, chemotherapy, did anyone think about her pain? Fucking hysterical people acting like fools screaming on social media like a bunch of lunatics. Yes, they were mocked and laughed at for their behavior. It’s not the end of the world because another person will have to take her place.


I also blame MSM for constant lies about Trump.  The Russian collusion was a setup by the Obama/Biden administration. George Soros and Hillary Clinton for being the worst poor losers in the history of the world.


Anon submitted the ISE video on the plandemic and I’ve been trying to send it to everyone on twitter. They need to lock Bill Gates up for crimes against humanity.  For using poor brown and black people who lost their lives using vaccines that killed and injured them. He took his lab to Wuhan china and released a mock trial of what would happen in the event of breakout 5 months before the virus was out in the open.


I want to scream out the world and tell them to listen and calm down!  Pray for the world.