Yesterday, I was in the process of answering comments around 5pm when suddenly the Concast went down. I did all the things to reboot the modem, nothing.  I called them, and they promised to get on by 8 pm.


I noticed it was raining pretty hard, so I opened my sliding glass door to the lanai. I was greeted with hurricane. I was totally drenched by the time I reached the first oversized jealousy window. We took the kitty cats inside when I heard a loud POP! The transformer went, and the power went down.


I managed to make the call to the electric company before my cell phone died.  Now, I’m sitting here with no power, no internet or TV, no cellphone.  It’s dark, and I can’t see, but I can feel the water on the floor.  The freaking roof is leaking! SMH


We opened all the windows; it started getting hot, and with doing that became a swamp in here. Everything had this slimy wet feeling. SW, Florida, is swampy.


Around 10 pm, I hear the big trucks coming with chain saws and a cherry picker.  Finally, they are going to get the electricity on. So I call Concast again; they say that the service will be on by 3 am.  I wasn’t missing anything. LOL


I’ve been sitting here with the radio on waiting to get here patiently, and now I’m pooped.  I will get to the comments a bit later, with some kitty links and a new anon talking about Facebook and Twitter. I agree they are both horrible places to be.


It could’ve been worse!  just laugh