Charles is anything but a bumbling tree hugger, he’s a very astute globalist of the highest order. He was working with Klaus Schwab, not just a keynote speaker!

The “wheel ” does have everything. Interestingly sustainable travel …. is this why Charles is so enamored with Markle? They have everything in common.

To achieve it, we’ve created a global network of expertise, collaboration and impact based in San Francisco, with centres in 13 countries.

We are going to turn the world into a toilet like San Francisco? Drug addicts, mentally ill line the streets who defecate on the streets, so far I don’t like this world. 


This is what the RF support. Imagine Charles Windsor, as King, supporting and enacting this?


kitty this is really good stuff, you could buy the candy-coated shite, but it’s still shit! This keeps getting better as we go down this rabbit hole! 

Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Founding Partners

American Heart Association, Bahrain Economic Development Board, Baker McKenzie, Cyberdyne,DJI,Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, HORIBA, IBM, IDEO, Inter-American DevelopmentBank, Netflix, NTT Corporation, Sberbank


Does Anything look familiar to you? Let me give you a hint the Vaccine Alliance is Bill and Belinda Gates this is located in Switzerland. 


Huawei is the Chinese Communist Party. 


We have big tech Facebook, Microsoft. 


Every single link you can find something on these casts of characters.

The Motsepe family, was the first family on the African continent to join The Giving Pledge, started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, and pledged half of the funds generated by their family assets to the poor.

Bill Gates for the win!  He’s been killing and injuring black and brown people in the name of science! YAHOO! 


 I could keep going but it looks like they intend to take over the world with this fourth revolution. Where is the UK in this? nowhere and they say the US but I don’t see anything beneficial for us.  You can do your own research and report back. 


Remember this when researching because we need you to dig! 

Some thoughts on Rap News 30 (The New World Order) - with Giordano - The  Juice Media

Take Elizabeth off the top and replace it with Prince Charles.