Now it comes out with the truth, it was never about this or that but she somehow convinced Harry to join her with a reality show? That will not sit well with the British Royal Family.

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Patrice Culler wasn’t going to do the trick since she is responsible for burning, looting, robbing, and murdering people.


Meghan: Patrice how does it feel to burn cities down to the ground?


Double drats on Trump’s 500 billion dollar deal to improve black Americans’ lives.


I’m sure Netflix was jumping for joy and I do think that was the plan all along. Meghan Markle can now have become a Kardashian, produce, and star, and land product deals.  What about that privacy? it was never about that, it was always about money and fame.


Reality shows have not been doing well lately, but we’ll see Megula.


They needed the mansion to shoot the show. IMO Netflix financed the house.