So I wake up – after a bit of a lie-in – to the ‘reality show’ rumours. I believe them. The ‘source’ sounds exactly like her. And make no mistake, it will be all about her. How wonderful, charitable and misunderstood she is. Because the world really cares.

There has to be more to it than that though. NF aren’t paying out to air another ‘woe is me’ documentary a year after the original African version flopped. There will be cameras all over their fug home, filming their ‘tasteful’ decor, just happening to catch glimpses of Master Archie whose privacy they remain desperate to protect.

And then there’s the aftherthought otherwise known as Harry, who gave up a life of prestige, dignity and security to become a wannabe Kardashian. When even the Kardashians – having made their millions – are realising that reality shows are passe. A true tragicomedy, streaming on Netflix.