For decades, progressives have attempted to use climate change to justify liberal policy changes. But their latest attempt – a new proposal called the “Great Reset” – is the most ambitious and radical plan the world has seen in more than a generation.

Although many details about the Great Reset won’t be rolled out until the World Economic Forum meets in Davos in January 2021, the general principles of the plan are clear: The world needs massive new government programs and far-reaching policies comparable to those offered by American socialists such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) in their Green New Deal plan.

Or, put another way, we need a form of socialism — a word the World Economic Forum has deliberately avoided using, all while calling for countless socialist and progressive plans.

Do you see what they are doing?  These are lords of the world taking over. This is why we fight every day for free to get this word out.  If you don’t think this election is the most important one, you need to think again.


Bill Gates had the virus released from his lab in Wuhan with the blessings of these Bozo’s.  Are you with me so far?  I’ve posted this video several times and have desperately tried to get people to watch this. This isn’t a conspiracy video its going to show the Event 201.

Click on the box and it will take you to the video, it’s over an hour of jaw-dropping information. There are no coincidences. Big tech is trying to say it’s a conspiracy theory , it’s not. Bill Gates stands to make billions from vaccines.