These poor people are protesting for their freedoms after outrageous lockdowns and mask-wearing.  This protest should be happening here in the US; instead, we got Antifa and BLM burning down our cities.


Kitty tells me  via email

 watched this video , it was filmed during the very peaceful protest at Trafalgar Square on Sunday . These thugs appeared during a speech by a German anti vaccine Covid  doctor .
I don’t think they’re police , probably some kind of para-military group or army . Lots of witnesses attested to their strange behaviours,  looks etc .
BLM protests were met with cops taking a knee !
Then , watching and listening to Boris Johnson spouting his  Bullshit dictator rhetoric , I think it dawned on me we actually  are  living in an effing  dictatorship .
I think I felt real despair , it was almost physical , I think you know exactly what I mean .


The entire fiasco compliments of Bill Gates, George Soros, Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab, and corporations, it’s the NEW WORLD ORDER, baby!  Get in line, or we will hurt you! You will be punished, and your neighbors will rat on you!  You thought I was a conspiracy theorist, it’s happening, and you need to start paying attention.


My fellow Americans that sit comfortably in their homes think, “That can’t happen to us” Oh, yes, it can, this WAR. It would be best to vote for the right guy on November 3rd, and Trump is that candidate.


The world is watching, hoping, and praying for Trump to lead us out of this Nazi communist nightmare and tell the Chinese to go straight to hell.

Video sent in by Kitty Links and opinion  by JD