Now, comes the finger-pointing, and it’s towards the President, but why? The man shut down the borders early on as the Democrat party was accusing him of being Xenophobic. Trump created a task force with Vice President Pence and CDC Anthony Fauci. We shall get to him later.


It was recommended for states to chose whether to shut their states down or not.  All 50 states and around the world shut down their economies except for Sweden.


Figures for death tolls were highly inflated, and doctors were pressured to label all deaths COVID; why?


Dr. Judy Mikovits stated that Italy had a dog virus; it wasn’t COVID. Dr. Judy was railroaded out of a job for being moral. Tony Fauci was at the heart of it.  Do you know taxpayers fund the research, and they get to patent it and profit it from it? Tony has some explaining to do. He worked closely with the Gates foundation, so he knew how this virus worked. He stands to make a bundle from the vaccines. He is not a nice guy. Click on the box below and watch her hour-long video. You’ll be pissed about her AIDS research and Tony Fauci and Bob Gallow. I remember them trying to screw the French over.


If you watched the recommended video from ISE, you would see that the Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation took the virus to the Wuhan Lab in China.  The US, for some reason, shut down the research for Coronavirus that’s why the Gates took it to China. Vaccines are a billion-dollar business, it’s not like Bill Gates was doing this out the goodness of his heart. His PR was making him look virtuous, but he is an evil bastard that killed and permanently injured thousands of Black and Brown poorest of people in India and Africa.



During my research with Kitty, we found that Bill and Belinda Gates sponsors the Great Reset. The World Economic Forum, the New World Order.  You might be thinking I’m some conspiracy nut. These people are not hiding anything now. They want you under control, locked down, police actions, marshall law, you name it, they are about to do this to us. I posted numerous videos on this, and all we can do is ask you to watch. We can lead a horse to water, but we can’t make him drink.

Laugh now, the mark of the beast is Bill Gates’s invention to tag and trace your every move. A microchip with all your information on it will become the norm, or you won’t be able to travel anymore if you don’t get one. Another thing these people are going to implement is to pay for stuff by your microchip, no more money. It’s been planned from the start.


Now, I ask you again, who do you blame?