I have no words Deanne, other than to say, and this is Heart Breaking.
This is the real cost of this “Plandemic. ” This video was removed from YouTube with the warning the Bit Chute link could be harmful.
This is happening throughout the world.
Our elderly ( and often most vulnerable) are being locked away without reason and deprived of the most basic of human rights … to be loved .
We must fight against the people who are perpetrating these acts of psychological violence against us to keep us “safe.”
More people will die from the effects of the so-called “lockdown ” than the virus itself.

This is from the UK. A man was told by an overzealous official to stay away from his grieving mother at his father’s funeral.

We are being deliberately separated from each other to dehumanize and depersonalize each and every one of us .
To break down family in all its forms is an essential part of the agenda of the people who wish to control everything we do and everything we are.
Wake up. This is real and not a conspiracy.

Kitty ❤❤❤


If we elect Biden, this is what is going to happen to us!  They are all lying bastards. The bit chute video got deleted. It shows a 404 code.


A shadow government is controlling England you didn’t vote for. They will delete information they consider harmful to their narrative.


Wake up, stop being sheep, and stand up for your rights whichever country you live in.  The world needs more patriots. We are in a fight of our lives!

Stop the Great Reset! Start yelling at Prince Charles! He’s part of it!