This is where the UK is heading right now. The Covid Bill (law ) has just been extended. 300 MPs failed to turn up. Didn’t abstain, just did not turn up to vote.

The Bill was extended. It gives the government extraordinary powers in every part of our lives.

300 pages, which I read, I literally couldn’t think after I read it, it is so draconian I can’t believe this is the UK. Behind the scenes, we have had some legislation that places us firmly in a totalitarian state. The military involvement is becoming deeply concerning.

I have heard the phrase occupying government, and the word coup being used. I don’t think we are far from this. And yet, most do not see any of this or at least not enough. It’s going to be interesting when predicted food shortages happen. That’s when we’ll have the military on the streets.


Kitty, I really believe that we need to keep this information flowing. The more people see that they are being manipulated they will begin to fight back. Like Tucker Carlson says in so many words, We are good people that trust our governments until this crap starts happening.