• A new official photograph of the  Duke and Duchess of Sussex was released Friday to mark the news they will host an episode of TIME100 Talks on Tuesday. 
  • In the new picture, Meghan wears the Alexander McQueen suit from her first evening engagement as a Royal.
  • She also wears the Cartier watch Princess Diana was given for her 21st birthday. 
  • Time100 will bring together experts  advocates, online creators, and journalists
  • The conversation will discuss the pursuit of a more safe and trustworthy digital world
  • Royals will develop theme, topics and will make opening and closing remarks.
  • Guests include: Reddit co-founder and founder of 776 Alexis Ohanian, Rappler CEO and executive editor Maria Ressa, and the hosts of Teenager Therapy.

Yep, and she’s isn’t going to give any of it back in DIVORCE. She not quite there yet, she still needs him, and with signing the Netflix deal, she needs him.

Didn’t we out teenage therapy as satanist? Another groovy move by the gruesome twosome.

I sure would like to be a fly on the wall when she runs into Alexis.