I watched the Time 100 interviews with Sussex’s, and I can tell you they need way more acting lessons to pull this off. The constant eye-rolling to convince you that they are pulling their bullshit from memory is sad and deceptive.


One more reason why Megatron won’t get a part in Hollywood. She isn’t convincing enough to pull it off. Maybe try soaps, MM.


Harry should be flogged for being a traitor to his country and going along with Madame’s plan.  They aren’t going to break the internet, ever!

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Time wouldn’t give them the time of day last year, and they weren’t on the list. Many experts have claimed they bought their way on to Time. Which, by the way, nobody gives two 🤬s.


People are waking up that all the award shows are fixed!


Hollywood is evil, full of pedos, casting couches, and MEAT! If you’re are not going to play along and be groomed. You won’t get anywhere. If you talk, they will blacklist you. MEAT = Actors


All that #Metoo and #TimesUp is a bunch of bullshit! Why isn’t anyone calling Oprah out? Geffen? Spielberg?