It was a beautiful victory against the career politician with sinister plans to ruin America.

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Trump reminded creepy sleepy corrupt Joe that he isn’t a politician, and he did this in part because of Joe Biden and Barack Obama. He did this because we begged him to run, to change how DC is run.

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It brings tears to my eyes to finally see these SOB taken down a notch. Now they can’t ignore the fact that Joe is a criminal.

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Tony Bobulinski stated that Joe Biden was part of a kickback scheme run by his son Hunter. Still the Democrats have the nerve to say it’s Russian misinformation? The FBI has declared the laptop as being Hunter Biden’s. This isn’t a Russian disinformation campaign.  That ship sailed after the Mueller report, which found nothing on Trump.


If you wonder why you haven’t been helped out, go to Nancy Pelosi holding up the package until after the election.  You must be punished for rooting for the outsider. How Dare You!

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You have to ask yourself why all these mail-in ballots before one debate were even had. I think that’s pretty clear now. Call me crazy, but I think that is going to blow up in their faces. The rallies ratio is a clear indication of who will win: yard Sale Biden or Trump’s mega rallies.

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I just went through all the news outlets, and they are all against Trump! It’s disgusting that not one reporter is capable of telling the truth.


Here are the kids in cages BS

Trump kicked Joe Biden Ass last night!

Sleepy Joe caught in a lie about the oil and gas industry.


If you haven’t voted get out there and vote, your life depends on it.

You tell me who is winning?


Last night Joe said we are going to have a dark winter. Do you know what it means?

This was done in 2001, but here we go again with Johns Hopkins, all part of the great reset! Bill Gates shouldn’t be far behind. The left plans to release another virus, this one so bad it’s sure to wipe us out. Do not let these assholes win! Kitty and I will dive into further.