Very interesting article about this “virus”.

The Virus That Isn’t There, Genetic Sequencing, and the Magic Trick

Great Article! The CDC is corrupt as hell, they have the right to hold patents even though the taxpayer-funded the research. They are making millions of dollars. They aren’t liable for anything.

That’s what Dr. Judy Mikovits is saying, it’s ethically wrong.

They patented the coronavirus some years back.  The US for some reason said stop testing on the coronavirus which they shipped out to Wuhan China.  Now everybody at fault.

IMO, this virus is a political weapon.

Take Notice of the names that keep popping up. They are talking the woke speak, connecting the virus to climate change?? This was all done 5 months before the release of the coronavirus.


Dr. Judy went on to say that Italy got the dog virus. So your article is not too far off from the sham.


Dr. Martin ran a program that found that they were sending in patents left and right for the same thing.


Again, this is from 5 months before the release of the corona. It will blow your mind away.

Thank you for bringing the article.


PS: Dark Winter scares the shite out of me