The Barack/Joe time has passed. People want to move forward. Please don’t misunderstand me. I voted for Obama. He was good in 2008, especially. But now he doesn’t excite as many people as he used to.

Holy Moly Anon, that’s not good. From what I’ve learned covering this is you can’t trust career politicians.  I was a staunch Democrat, but I’ve seen too much. They railroaded a Trump, because of what? Power and Greed.


Trump said I’m going to drain the swamp, and it took me some time to understand what these crooks were doing fully.  Then the laptop dropped, and it made the Q movement delighted because we hate pedophiles. We know that there is a lot of them, and most are connected with Jeffrey Epstein.


If Trump gets elected, it’s curtains for those assholes. I’m talking Hollywood too. It’s oddly connected around the globe. I don’t know if you read Kitty’s Great Reset article; it is wild, and they don’t even care that I reblog it. Nobody is hiding anymore.


I hope that I helped get the message out and at least change the minds of a few.


Thank you, anon. It’s been a pleasure