Many of you have chatted with me in Direct Message on tumblr and Twitter.


One girl who sticks out is Love No Way World. We would have conversations all night long into the wee hours.  She also was part of think tank. We talked about politics, and she said if people have the basic necessities, food, gas in the tank that Donald Trump will win the election.


She was right. The oppression started to lift; we could go back to big-box grocery stores, fuel prices fell. We actully got a refund from our taxes! That never happened before. Two years in a row, it was $1,500.


An Anon sent me a video that opened my eyes that Trump was being set up by the deep state, a shadow government. She had receipts. I was blown away, and I kept reblogging it, and many Royal bloggers were turned off by the politics and thought Trump was a racist. A lot of people unfollowed me.  I have principles, so I wasn’t going to back down. I didn’t want to blog about Megatron because we were just helping her become a star. My following went down, and Sarri said I’ll post the MM articles.


Harry is just a bad as MM, and that was the message I wanted out there. Two-faced manchild under a narc spell. As we researched, Kitty found that Prince Charles is part of the Great Reset. The Sussex’s are doing exactly what Prince Charles is doing. Don’t buy into the delusion, even though we can’t help ourselves when admiring their charity work. You have to look a little deeper than that. I’m not saying the entire BRF is that way. Prince Charles is a dick!

This is the wheel of wokeness, and it’s the Great Reset!  The green new deal the globalist scary dystopia brought to you by Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockafellowers, George Soros, CCP Chinese Communist Party. Bill Gates wants to microchip every human. You won’t be able to travel without one. We can’t make this stuff up.


I’m from Jersey; we love Donald Trump, and we all went to his casinos we know he is not a racist. He has many black friends, including Al Sharpton. (backstabber)


If you haven’t voted yet, I want you to think, are you better off today? If you are, vote for Trump and run like hell from Leftist Bullshit.