This is funny. The demon rats don’t have any enthusiasm for Biden. Even Barry O crapped out…he couldn’t even get a minuscule crowd to listen to him suck up to the Biden Crime Family.
The demon-rats are all corrupt and looking to make BILLIONS from foreign countries and destroying the US economy.


However, even though there is no enthusiasm for Biden, what they do have is a sanctioned, violent militia, like the Nazi SS and the East German Stazi.

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The demon-rats violence has gotten worse…to the point of murder. Trump supporters are severely beaten, constantly threatened, doxed, lose their jobs, and basically made afraid to openly support our president.


The fascist left is bad enough, but the media has betrayed the American public. The media is in bed with the tyrants of the demon-rat party.


They obviously wanted to be one of the hogs at the trough for the billions of dollars they imagine Biden can rape from the world governments.


The media has lied for 4 years about Trump…and spent weeks on lies that HillHag set up. Yet the media now closes its’ eyes to real corruption so decadent, that it is combined with debauchery, incest, drug abuse, etc.


This is what is scary. The demon-rats don’t even care about crowd size, enthusiasm, or even if Biden has any events.


Because the evil Demon-rats know how to cheat, lie, and steal better than anyone on earth.

Caligula and Nero would be running for president today on the demon-rat ticket.