I am from Melbourne Australia, since the lockdowns began in March Melbourne has only had 3 weeks of freedom. You might roll your eyes and think everywhere has been locked down but we are at stage 4 restrictions.


The only things we have had open are supermarkets, gas stations, take away but only drive-thru and coffee shops that offer take out.


Every other business has had to suffer for 7 months, many are folding. Melbourne’s numbers are not like other countries, we have had only had 800+ deaths for the entire 7 months and our numbers yesterday were just 7 people who tested positive, we have no one in ICU and last I herd just 12 in hospital.


With a population of around 5 million people and just 12 people in hospital, it is insane to close the entire city. Until this week it was made illegal to even protest, 2 elderly women sitting on a park bench were arrested, a pregnant woman was arrested in front of her children just mentioning on Facebook that she would like to hold a protest. We have been literally held hostage and it needs to end.


Thank you Anon, you are all suffering from the Great Reset! The World Economic Forum has plans for each and every one of us.


The first thing should do is vote these people out!


You need a good attorney and sue them for taking away your freedom and liberty.  We need to get loud on social media. If we get banned from Twitter or Facebook we can all go to Parler.


These people are sick in the head, Sky News Aus made fun of them.