Has anyone seen this yet? Ashley and her dad Joe taking showers together when a child.

EXCLUSIVE SOURCE: Biden Daughter’s Diary Details ‘Not Appropriate’ Showers With Joe As Child


OMG, I hate being right. This man is a criminal! We are hunting pedophiles on this site, and Joe Biden just made our human rights violators category.


If you look at the Podesta emails, you will see that child abusers are running rampant. They can’t help themselves.


This story was written by Patrick Howley, who is a respected investigative journalist.


I can tell you that children who are molested turn to abusing others, becoming sexually promiscuous, depression, suicide, PTSD, and among other things. I know I had sexually abused sisters in my care.


My foster daughter has suppressed the memories of the trauma. She didn’t even know who the baby’s father was until a DNA test was done. It turned out to be her biological father’s baby.  She is also sexually promiscuous and said one day that she was raped, but it was consensual. I had to explain to her.