You need to get scared if Biden gets into office.  Explore this website, listen to their podcasts, and get mad as hell!  I listened last night, and the way they talk is WAR talk. They need America to fall for their plans to work and hand us over to CCP. This is not a conspiracy; it’s real; this is not a drill.


You didn’t choose this, but they’re preaching this woke BS. Fight back with your voice. We Will Not stand for this!


They already released the virus, and we came through with herd immunity, and now they’re pissed. Their puppets are slamming you down to control you! They want a more compliant you. Look at what your dirtbag Democrat Mayors and Governors are doing to you!


I want you to reblog this to every democrat mayor, MP, and governors over and over again.  Whatever country you live in, reblogging to every douchebag on the planet.