Kitty will be making her deep dive, but IMO I need you to know this information right now! It would be best if you prepared for the dark winter that is upon us. The Joe Biden threat to our way of life for a lunacy plan by the great reset is real.

A crisis is coming that’s even bigger than COVID. They will shut down all electricity. They are about to punish you for taking their plandemic with a grain of salt.  IMO, they should be locked up, and the key is thrown away—a bunch of fascists pushing this dystopian nightmare.

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It’s so crazy you’ll laugh at it, but it’s coming, Look at our election; they are trying to overthrow our way of life, and if Trump falls, we fall. These fuckers claim you’ll love not owning anything. It will be happytalism or some bullshit like that. Here it is!

The thought police are out and about, and we won’t have any Debbie Downers here! Away with you to some re-education camp (concentration camp) to change those ways of thinking. Jesus, I don’t want to go there, but Freedom is worth dying for. I firmly believe in Freedom. I was taught in school,  and it’s what I was taught in Sunday School. GOD WINS!


I’m not drinking that Kool-Aid.


Where the CCP way of life and big brother is watching, you will become the new normal. I’m not kidding, folks. I’ve been pushing for months that COVID event 201 was intentionally released by these dumb fucks.


They are getting away with this! We have to stand up and fight with our voices because the pen is mightier than the sword. ( I wouldn’t want to get shut down for causing violence)😉


When you read this stuff, you think to yourself, is this the communist handbook? They are not kidding! 2nd amendment folks, we do have the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government. Not saying you have to do this now, but look how easy they brought us to our knees.


Kitty and I have been corresponding through email, and we are both shocked, depressed, and dismayed. As she was doing her deep dive because knowing Kitty, she found a lot more than I ever could, she had to stop and re-up her Netflix to watch the Crown! (that’s how bad it is)  She is using escapism to make her feel better.  We are older and have watched this building up through the years, and most people called it a conspiracy theory.  Kitty and I are shocked at how fast they brought this to the forefront. We never thought it would happen in our lifetimes.


If I were the President, I would call the election Illegimate whatever you want to call it and overthrow this election, now!  We didn’t choose this. The Great Reset chose the next puppet in the white house, just like the criminal Barack Hussian Obama.  Look at what Joe wants to do, lock you down, put cronies from big tech in his administration.


The DOJ better get their act together NOW to stop this from happening.


So do you remember when we laughed at Hillary Clinton for saying she wanted to rip up the constitution?  She wasn’t kidding!


Don’t you think these people should be locked up? They are trying to overturn democracy.


I really should have a video page with Kitty because we can talk all day about this.


Hannity wasn’t kidding when they said no planes, no cars, no cows! You are not allowed to eat meat! You’re going to eat processed plant shit, and you’re going to like it. That reminds me to cancel my food delivery with Walmart because they’re pushing this bullshit. I remember when a sirloin steak was $1.99 a pound, it’s over eight bucks now!  It’s a big middle finger to us lower classes, you can’t have it, but we can.


What kills me how in the hell did these big corporations intend to make money when the entire world makes the same amount of money? I told my husband, a diesel mechanic, that he’d be making the same as a guy flipping burgers at McDonald’s. That went down well  🤬. There will be NO incentive to do better. Stay a debt slave!


Fight back, talk to everyone you know, and show them all the evidence. That’s the only way we win.


PS: I’m taking this threat seriously, I ordered a solar generator, and we are making plans to stock up, grow vegetables in pots, etc. Also, cash on hand. When the power goes out, no gas station, no computers, no supermarkets, no internet. These bastards want us begging for the NWO/The GreaT Reset!


They intend to blame it on the Russians!