Thank you Anon, this goes along with what I’m talking about tonight!  We are at war! They are ready to blame Russia for these attacks. Be prepared ahead of time. Don’t get caught like COVID.  Be ready to hunker down.


China wants to rule the world is correct! Look at the stuff I’ve been posting. They will be head of the Great Reset/NWO. Not a drill. Get ready for it because if we allow Biden/Harris in, we are done.


Do not download TikTok. They are using it for blackmail. If you’re a celeb, don’t do it. They will mine your cell of any information they can use against you.


I like tech as much as the next guy, but they are delusional and want to rule your life with it.  Go low tech for a while.


🤬 AI,  🤬 transhumanism


Obama gave everything away, the space race, military, endless wars, virus, school books, pay to play, spying, etc. Now here we are, fighting back from the evil assholes of the world.


Theft of intellectual property is staggering! Biden says they our friends, WTF!


I call for no Chinese students at Universities. We are at war!