I don’t understand why so many people really care what Tim Pool says. He seems to be a nice dude, but if you listen to him, you can constantly hear, “I don’t know, man. I don’t just know … Maybe I am tired. I guess we will see …” I don’t need Tim Pool to realize that the whole situation of Biden asking their supporters for the money for his transition team is not normal. Kamala’s situation is not normal, either. She’s still a Senator. What does it tell us? It tells us that nothing is over just yet. If the Biden team were confident that Joe and Kamala won fair and square, they would’ve cared less about money. Do they know that some real evidence of the election fraud exists and will come out next week or so?


Yep, I hear it too. He doesn’t want to go out on the limb because of de-platforming. I sit here and listen to crap all day before I release it. Some I roll my eyes at and say Oh gawd!


Biden’s situation is very bothersome as we know he took millions from ActBlue, so why does he need more? We know that corporations send in millions. I thought, Why? This could blowback on them. Kitty found the Great Reset, that’s why. What a way to get around campaign finance reform.  Does anyone know if that’s legal?


It tells me they know they are in trouble; they have been found out.  Lawyers fees? Just guessing.


Thank you anon