So, if (I'm saying "IF") it's true, it's a huge deal.

It's a god damn shame MSM, and Giant Tech won't show the truth. Why not let us have our 15 minutes in the sun? Because they are scared, we can prove it! We have techs come out of the woodwork. Even some Democrats are saying, wait a minute! Something is rotten in Denmark!

Why didn't Kamala give up her senate seat if they won?

There are more questions, and I'm not willing to concede unless this evidence is heard. 22 states used this corrupt system. When you hear George Soros is involved and Venezuela a commie country, red flags go up, and everyone should question it. Plus, Joe Biden admitted that he was running the most corrupt campaign in history.

I'm just a Joan Q voter here, and I want answers. These people have been coming hard and fast, making up ridiculous defaming stories about the President. People believed them and are the most hateful, brainwashed people on the planet.

The Great Reset in action, trying to turn this country into a third-world nation so China can be the world's superpower. Oh, hell, no!