I did find a Fox live stream a couple of days ago where a Maricopa County (Arizona) official was explaining the whole voting process there with their security and all that to a commission regarding this election. The sharpies were used as they dry faster than ballpoint pens, which matters when you have lots of ballots being processed quickly via the voting machines. They also have two thumb drives, which are synched together for each machine so that the machine cannot be accessed without the pair. They have encryption stuff and three-member teams (one Dem, one Rep., and another) when transporting things. Lots of stuff like that. It was covered live for an hour or so before the stream went on to other things. I’m not a tech person, so I can’t say if this stuff negates the things brought up, so I am just putting the info out there for people to have.


Where is the DOJ, FBI, on this? This is the smoking gun video!

The Democrats have gone too far. We had to endure MSM, big tech, celebs, Wokeness, BLM/Antifa, and now this obvious criminal activity. It’s so massive that IMO the election should be tossed. I do not say this lightly or because I like the President. This is the United States of America; we are about truth and justice! Just because you don’t like someone because you listened to a bunch of hateful poisonous people doesn’t mean you get to tell others how to think and act!


Dominion employees should be rounded up and arrested, now before they fly away! This is Massive fraud the likes this country has never seen before!


Anon, WTF are you going on about? Did you even watch the entire video?  Have you seen the evidence I posted piling up the bodies? Stop drinking the Koolaid!

Thank you