The Clinton campaign never called for a recount. Why not? Maybe because Dems cheated in 2016. Bernie got cheated by Hillary. Hillary did cheat, but it wasn’t enough to win the swing states in 2016. Maybe that’s why Clinton ignored the call for a recount back then?


They hadn’t perfected their crime yet! They never thought that many people would vote for Trump. That’s why they said they never thought she could lose.


It could be that opening a pandora box was going to show her theft. Did you know she got invited to speak at a computer security conference?  I thought that was funny and told her so on her Twitter, and then she canceled on them. That made it even funnier.


The seventh floor should go to jail. Anyone not willing to do an unbiased investigation should be shit canned! FBI, CIA, have to get their house in order or get fired. They should be running around collecting voting machines right now! Cyber techs should be on the job. It shouldn’t be up to the Trump team. They’ve found evidence with the help of Americans.  Now, it’s time for them to step in.


Where is Bill Barr?


These cowards are afraid of the incoming party. Please do your job!


Thank you anon