This show’s live stream just ended. Interesting news. Hopefully, I won’t mess this post up. This is my third try.

Jenna and Rudy are Trump’s legal team heads. Sidney Powell is representing the American people. Phil Klein and Armistead are going after politicians and judges for voter problems, including monies from Zuckerberg.


You did good! Thank you, let’s listen, and I’ll keep adding my opinion as things go.  Cuomo is a dick!


OMG, these people are insane! I thought the Emmy was a joke! LMAO


We have to stay together. Attacking Sidney is ridiculous. She is working for We, the people. #ReleaseTheKraken!


I can’t wait for anybody to go after Zuckerberg!


I like these guys!

LMAO, what Cuomo? LMAO, he is a murderer!


The Great Reset! It’s real, and please read Kitty Links how these morons started.


I wonder if Cuomo signed with Pearson publishing.


Emmy and Oscars are crap!


The Great Reset is going to take everything away from you! You won’t own anything! No more small businesses, corporations only. You’ll be happy about it, or you will be sent to re-education camps. Do you think I’m kidding?  Cyber attacks on behalf of the Great Reset.


Get a Solar generator now! They intend to shut down all electricity if you don’t take COVID seriously!  It’s insane! crimes against humanity!


WHAT! George Floyd added to Holocaust museum???? OMG, these people are crazy! This man is a criminal!


BLM is disgusting and is for the Great Reset! The money they were receiving went to ACTBLUE, George Soro, and David Brock.


Kyle Rittenhouse is the victim that was railroaded because he is a conservative.