The question is, how long has this been going on?

How long have elections been corrupt and stolen?

John Kennedy ONLY won because Mayor Daley withheld all the votes from Cook County until he saw exactly how many votes Kennedy needed to win. The dead have been voting in Chicago for over 70 years.

No one….NO ONE ever runs for mayor of Chicago as a Republican. They know the corrupt demon rat machine will not allow them to win. So no one even bothers anymore. It is a given that all demon rats will win.

The Cook County demon rat machine is the most corrupt in the country. Their level of evil is astonishing. Yet nothing….nothing is ever done about it. This is where Barry was bathed in how to use corruption. And Barry is the most corrupt president in our history.

The horror is that now we know for certain….the entire US government is entrenched in corruption. They are all taking payoffs from foreign countries. We don’t have an honest FBI. Tell me again why they put Martha Stewert in prison?

If I were ever on a jury and the FBI presented evidence….I wouldn’t believe it. They can frame anyone they want….and nothing is done to the corrupt agents.

We are truly living in Batman’s Gotham….the criminals, thugs, arsonists, people who burn down cities are rewarded….they don’t even get arrested. You and your family are on your own; if you have sons, brothers, daughters, cousins…..dissuade them from entering the military. They have just foddered so that the Reset demon rats and Repubs can get money….billions of dollars from the military-industrial complex. You saw yourself what treasonous bast*rds the top generals have turned out to be.

I never thought that the upper levels of the military are corrupt…but they are. They all want the million-dollar jobs in the defense industry after their service. Mattis, Kelley., McMaster, etc.….they were all traitors to Trump and are on the New Reset gravy train.

Don’t contribute to corporations that support the NWO. 75 million of us can affect their bottom line. Dump FB and Twitter….try Parler.


It started many years ago with Edward Bernays and Saul Alinsky. Many of my Kitty Links were stolen, hacked. I think it was an inside job. She did a complete analysis of how this shit show started.  Kitty worked bloody hard to put her links together.  Here’s is one that has been edited because all of kitty’s posts are long and packed with information.

Exposing the Global Population Control Agenda

BUSTED: Rockefeller Document Exposes True Globalists Covid-19 Control Plan…

This is where we at now.

The CIA Runs the MSM

Kitty and I were in disbelief at how fast these crazies pushed this forward. Bill Gates foundation released the virus and fed the narrative stoking fear and we like sheep believed MSM because they are supposed to honest just like the government.


Why would they lie to us?


Wars cost billions of dollars when psyops is much more effective with the help of larpers and Giant tech. Look how easy it was to take us over. Now, the people are waking up and saying wait a cotton-picking minute! The NWO is doing this with a smile on their faces.


We are at war!  Disinformation, deflect and discredit your opponent.  Whatever you’ve done pin it on Trump. Just like Joe Biden and Ukraine, he clearly said, well son of bitch, he fired the prosecutor! MSM published it before he threw his hat in the ring. Ukraine wants to lock up Joe Biden.


You can say what you want about Q, but without the breadcrumbs, we would’ve never known what was happening to us. Trump would have went down like a crazy person. I just can’t wait for the ending.


There you have it a mini dive into the fucktards on the left. It’s craziness!