Barack Obama accuses Republicans of creating ‘sense that while males are victims’ and says Donald Trump benefited from ‘evangelical Hispanics’ who liked anti-abortion policies

  • Former president tells The Breakfast Club that Republicans have ‘created a sense that while males are the victims’
  • Narrative ‘doesn’t jive with both history and data, and economics’ and will be difficult to unwind he says
  • Obama also said that evangelical Hispanic voters who backed him for ‘fact that he supports their views on gay marriage or abortion’
  • Obama is promoting his new book A Promised Land which is now best-selling presidential memoir ever

Obama gives his narcissistic viewpoint that’s a lie and delusional.  Keep on promoting a race war!  #TheGreatReset is a looney idea from the richest people on the planet.


Again, our president isn’t racist, he declared he wasn’t. He made prison reforms and did away with Joe Biden’s crime bill. He made the platinum deal that will help many black Americans become business owners. Ivanka and DJT did opportunity zones.  He is a lousy racist.


When Trump brought Mar a Largo he invited Jews and blacks to become members, while Palm beach residences were appalled. He’s always been friends with Blacks and donated to many causes, right you little twerp Sharpton. He even donated to Kamala Harris campaign!


Keep on pushing the propaganda while living in your multimillion-dollar house next to the sea in lily-white Martha’s Vineyard. The Home of Podesta leaving his handkerchief behind. 😉


Here comes a big corporation trying to be bigger so they can tell you what to read. Notice they will wait until Trump is out of the office to pull Antitrust allegations.  Six corporations own the media. This will make them even bigger.


Okay, for me but not for thee.


Thank you, anon! That was fun!