As some of you know, I buried my Aunt Dot yesterday. I want to tell you a little bit about her.


If you ever needed someone to look up to, it was my Aunt Dot. She was a feminist without the label, and that’s the way it should be, IMO.


She put herself through business school. She married a Navy Veteran who was a machinist for Dupont, ultimately leading him to be a boat captain in Brigantine, NJ. The outfit he worked for led him to Ft. Myers, FL, where Bill and Dot decided to buy their party boat and successfully run a business together.


My Aunt helped just about every member of her family to achieve their goals. We all grew up poor as my grandfather died early. Our motto was if you can work, then that’s what you do. You left your aches and pains behind and just got on with it. I’m sure your families are like that too.


My mother has had two knee replacements and a pacemaker, and she still wants to go back to work, and she is 78 years old!


Dot and Bill were involved in charity for the Mason’s. My Aunt did the eastern star. I know many want to vilify them I can tell you that the chapters I know are very religious, hard-working men and women. That wasn’t enough for them.


My Aunt and Uncle become puppy trainers for Southeastern guide dogs. What a joy it was to meet these fine animals to one day help the seeing impaired.

It was beautiful to see numerous dogs at my Aunt’s funeral yesterday! It really tore me up as this was their passion in life.  We buried her with cremated dogs in her casket.


If you’re looking for a charity, I would suggest Southeastern Guide Dogs in remembrance of Dot Mazur.


Big shout out to Uncle Frank, who put all this together yesterday. A giant hug to my cousin Patty.