I have posted this before Deanne , it’s amazing how this video is a classic example of predictive programming .
I thought another look would give readers an insight into our possible future . Note whist the proletariat (us ) live lives of subjugation to the state , the wealthy are still allowed to live without restrictions as illustrated by the very large and expensive car Vee points to .

The first time I came across this was around 2012 . I was so disturbed by its content I contacted Forum for the Future with a number of what I considered to be reasonable questions . Apparently they were too intrusive and I was banned from contacting them again !

Planned-Opolis – The Future Cities of 2040

The message is plain : LOVE your SLAVERY, OWN NOTHING , BE HAPPY . THE GREAT RESET .

Kitty ❤


I remember this one, maybe this time people will pay attention and watch this. It won’t be 2040 they have accelerated the process of the fourth industrial revolution.


Thank you Kitty! 💖💋God help us all