Who shot Ashli Babbit?

You can see the person in this video, but no one has said who he is.

Was it the officer who committed suicide? Howard Liebengood?

The media is no longer even talking about the incident.


Upon seeing this in the beginning, I noticed Antifa. The cops in the stairwell are fake Antifa actors. The mysteries arm has me baffled? Why are the doors barracked like they are? This happened quickly! Why did the capitol police lets them through the gate and wave people through in the first place?


It was a setup! Unfortunately, Ashli lost her life because of agitators. They fired up the crowd, and then they took steps back and changed their appearance.


#SayHerName #AshliBabbitt


Do you know why MSM hasn’t talked about Ashli? Because we are a bunch of white privileged, gun-toting asshole to the left.  They are lying through their bleached teeth! They want to take your guns away from you. They want to kill the second amendment so they can take us over easily to make us comply with the Great Reset.


Kamala Harris and Beto can go stick their plans up their arses!


Thank you Anon